Two-factor authentication importance
Posted March 9, 2020

Everyone is connected to the internet. From our social life to our banking, everything is dependent upon the internet. And it’s not just individuals; the internet has taken over the business as well. Companies operate through the internet, and all the related financial transactions, business communication, and relevant decision making, happens on the internet.

Everyone, and everything is online. And if the online isn’t secure, that means you and your data isn’t secure. From the early days of the internet, security and safety have been some of the biggest concerns. And two-factor authentication or 2FA is one of the most common ways that people or businesses can protect their data and online presence.

Nowadays, people have an online account for everything. It can be for social media, private email, bank account, or a work account. To access any of your accounts, you usually need only two things, your id, and password. But as proven time and time again through hacks and security leaks, that a simple alphanumeric password, isn’t enough to keep your online accounts safe.

Two provide an extra layer of protection, two-factor authentication was introduced. To enter an online account that has been protected by 2FA, you have to go through two different steps to verify that you are the right person. The first step is the traditional password. The second authentication layer may come from:

Something that you know – Secret question, numeric pin, second email.

Something that you have – A phone you can get a specific message on or a smart card.

Something that you are – Proving your identity through identifying biological features like fingerprint, retinal scan, or a facial scan to prove its really you.

Somewhere you are – Location can be an important identifier. The 2FA protected account can detect whether the two different identification factors (for example, password and fingerprint) are being inserted from the same location (based on IP address or geolocation).

Combining your password with any of the other identification methods can significantly decrease your chances of being hacked. The methods to extract/steal passwords have come a long way, so if you stay dependent on them, you might not be as secure as you think you are. Instead, try adopting 2FA for all your personal and work accounts.

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