7 Best Managed IT Service Providers in New England
Posted January 13, 2023

Best Managed IT Services In New England

Flexibility, scalability, and efficient resource allocation are just three of the many benefits you get from managed IT services. They may not be a viable option for some businesses, but most SMBs can benefit from sharing their operational burden with Managed Service Providers (MSPs). MSPs take care of the business’s IT needs, and are likely to do a more seamless job compared to insufficient in-house IT resources, taking care of every domain. This leaves you free to focus on your forte to propel your business forward. In order to realize the true benefits of managed IT services, you have to choose the right MSP. If you are from one of the New England states, the following are among the best options available.

VTC Tech

Vermont-based VTC tech offers comprehensive IT services but its primary forte is managed services. Its managed IT service portfolio includes IT consulting, network support, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and VoIP services. They offer both remote and on-site support to most local businesses and provide services to three out of six New England states – Vermont, New Hampshire, and parts of Massachusetts. They have a decent reputation for reliability and project execution, especially among local clients. VTC Tech serves businesses from a wide variety of industries, though they have limitations on the number of computers, mobile devices (200 or lower), and servers (40 or lower) they can cater to within the purview of a business. They are quite transparent about the pricing and have a service calculator on the website. The pricing is one of the best features of the company, as per its online reviews.

Boston Networks

Boston Networks is a Boston-based IT company that caters to businesses in all of New England. Their managed IT service portfolio is relatively limited. In addition to basic on-site and remote IT services, it offers server management, helpdesk support, employee onboarding, and training services. One service that helps them stand out from others on this list is virtual CIO and CTO service, which makes them an asset to SMBs scaling up. Their other capabilities, i.e., cybersecurity, cloud services, and compliance, even though they are not part of the standard managed IT service package, are still at their clients’ disposal, making them a one-window solution for a wide variety of clients. Boston Network’s responsiveness and communication are cited as one of their greatest strengths by customers.

Thrive’s NextGen Managed Services

In addition to its headquarters in Foxborough, Massachusetts has offices in 17 different locations, including four in other countries. Its operational area is extensive, and so is its service portfolio, which in addition to the managed IT, cybersecurity, and cloud services, also includes global network management. Its presence and services make it an ideal managed services partner for businesses that are expanding beyond their borders and establishing a physical/online presence in multiple locations (local and international). It also offers collaboration services, i.e., technologies and tools that can help companies with a remote or hybrid business model. The company has been around for two decades and has catered to over 1,500 clients so far.

Rutter Networking and Technologies

Rutter Networking and Technologies markets itself as one of the leading IT service providers and consultants in New England. They have an extensive list of industry partners, including Microsoft, AWS, and CISCO. The company doesn’t offer pre-packaged managed services with add-ons. Instead, it creates custom packages based on the company’s needs and charges them on a monthly basis. It has expertise in cloud, backup services, network, and infrastructure, and they specialize in networking problems and solutions. They are well-known for their support and prompt responsiveness, making them a reliable MSP for their clients.

Systems Engineering

This Maine-based company provides managed IT services to businesses all over New England. In addition to the typical managed IT services (end-user support, network administration, etc.), the company also offers cybersecurity and cloud-related services to its clients. The company also distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering comprehensive IT roadmaps to its clients, stretching out three to five years, which allows them to make smarter IT decisions and investments. It has a comprehensive IT security and cloud services portfolio and has partnerships with some of the most trusted names in the industry. It’s a 100% employee-owned business.

ACS Services

Boston-based ACS Services is a 3-decade old firm, providing complete IT services and solutions, including managed IT services. They have divided this service into three subsections – helpdesk, server administration, and network management. The company offers a free consultation, and affordable pricing is one of its key selling points. Cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and cloud services are the other three IT services the company offers to its clients, though they are not part of the standard managed services package.

Peak Technology Consulting – Top Pick

For the best managed IT services in New England, your best choice would be Peak Technology Consulting. It’s based in Westbrook, Maine, and has been catering to businesses in New England for the last 20 years. The company offers comprehensive managed IT services to its clients and a completely hands-off IT experience focused on business continuity and rapid resolution, so there are no operational hindrances and delays. This ensures clients suffer virtually no loss of business stemming from IT issues.


The managed service portfolio is extensive and includes the following:

  • Networking
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cloud services
  • Complete telecom services (including VoIP and VPN)
  • Backup Management
  • Security and Ransomware defense
  • Microsoft 365 Implementations
  • Migrations


The two services that help it stand out from the cloud are its suite of security services and its focus on cloud-forward solutions. A comprehensive approach to security that allows Peak Technology to proactively cover an extensive attack surface helps the company remove vulnerabilities before they become costly liabilities. Cloud-forward solutions augment its ability to develop a growth roadmap for its clients that ensures a seamless technological scaling to match and, sometimes, lead the business growth.


There are numerous reasons to consider Peak Technology, but foremost among them is its “human” approach to managed services. The team evaluates every managed service request from the client’s perspective and tailors a solution that’s not just affordable and technically suitable but can give the business a strong digital foundation to grow upon.