All businesses should adopt MFA. Now
Posted March 28, 2023

If you log into any of your devices and apps with just a username and a password, then you’re using one piece of ID – or one ‘authentication factor’.  

And that’s just not enough. 

We recommend using MFA. That’s Multi-Factor Authentication. And it adds extra layers of security to your business. 

With MFA, you’ll need other unique ways to show it’s you. 

Those extra factors might be a code sent to your phone. Or maybe biometric data like a fingerprint.  

There are 3 important reasons to use MFA in your business. 

First, it protects you from credential theft. So if your password is stolen, a criminal still won’t be able to access your accounts without passing extra security. 

Second, it lets your other security tools do their job properly. Crooks can’t use your credentials to bypass your anti-virus software and firewall. 

And third, it saves a whole bunch of stress. You can stop worrying so much about your people falling for a phishing scam. Because even if they do reveal their password to a scammer, your accounts are likely to remain secure.  

We advise all businesses to set up MFA right now.  

If you need help with that, get in touch.